The Race for Grace Strollathon



Race for Grace Strollathon

Saturday May 26th 10 AM
* Registration Begins at 9 am

St. Veronica Chapel
1035 Boston Neck Road
Narragansett, RI

FOR Grace and RSRF

100% of money raised goes to RSRF

Send Donation to RSRF at 34 Old Pine Rd. Narragansett, RI 02882

Contact: for more information
or call: 783-0919

The Race for Grace is a family fun run/walk for all ages. There is no registration fee. It is based solely on donations that are collected through "sponsors" ahead of time and brought to the event. Collection brochures can be obtained through captains or directly from the Reddington household. Registration for the race will take place prior to the start in order for us to track all our Grace Racers.

8:45 am Registration
10:00 am Runners and Strollers get moving

Post Race:
Live Music, Refreshments, Face Painting, Raffle, Celebration!

Feel free to call 401-783-0919, email, or stop by at:
34 Old Pine Road
Narragansett, RI 02882

Grace is two-years old and has been stricken by a devastating disease called Rett Syndrome (RTT). Once full of sparkle and boundless ability and energy, Grace is now struggling to cope with a failing body and mind. Picking up Cheerios has become a daunting and fading task for her. Grace began life as a perfectly normal and healthy baby girl. At 18 months old, we knew that something had started to go terribly wrong and all hopes of a normal and healthy life were stripped away from her when the diagnosis was confirmed in November of 2006. Grace has two brothers, Sam (8) and Ben (6) and two sisters, Meg (4) and Lily (1), who desperately want to play and run with their sister but they have had to learn to accept that those days are over for Grace.

Rett Syndrome is a devastating neurological disorder seen almost exclusively in females. It is the leading genetic cause of severe impairments in girls. Little girls with the disorder are born without any signs of the syndrome. By the age of 2 years, loss of language and motor skills are prominent. Breathing, digestion, heart rate and sleep patterns are dysfunctional. Scoliosis begins. Teeth grinding occurs. Seizures develop. Rett Syndrome leaves its victims profoundly disabled, requiring assistance with every aspect of daily living. These beautiful little girls, from the outside, look like perfect angels. However, Rett Syndrome takes over and robs them of a healthy life.

This past year proved to be an exciting year for anyone who knows or loves a girl affected by the devastating neurological disorder, Rett Syndrome. Remarkable research, funded by the Rett Syndrome Research Foundation (RSRF), not only took place, but reached outstanding conclusions!

Scientists have been able to reverse Rett-like symptoms in adult mice who were so sick they were days away from dying. Breathing, weight, mobility, and gait normalized and tremors disappeared. The conclusions of the experiment are crystal clear: there is no permanent brain damage in mice afflicted with Rett Syndrome. This signifies it is worthwhile for scientists to continue their diligent efforts in finding a cure for Rett Syndrome. This breakthrough gives the green light to go ahead full throttle in their search. As Dr. Adrian Bird, scientist who performed reversal experiment, says, "It has given wind in the sails to scientists all over the world."

We desperately need your help. With your support, we may be able to eradicate this devastating disease. The implications for treatments and a cure carry over to related diseases/disorders such as Parkinson's and Autism, an accomplishment that seemed far out of reach until this year.

The Race for Grace Strollathon, set for Saturday, May 26, 2007, is a fun filled, family event, held in Narragansett, Rhode Island. It will kickoff at St. Veronica's Chapel, 1035 Boston Neck Road. It includes entertainment, refreshments, live music, a beautiful 3-mile stroll past Grace's home, along Narrow River and Narragansett Bay and many special blessings along the way.

All proceeds benefit the Rett Syndrome Research Foundation. It is the world's leading private source of funds for Rett Syndrome research. They aggressively and exclusively focus on biomedical research to accelerate the discovery of treatments and/or a cure for Rett Syndrome. Since 1999, when RSRF was established, they have emerged as the leader in identifying promising scientific approaches to understanding Rett Syndrome. The foundation has proven to be fiscally responsible, with 97% of each dollar donated, channeled directly to cutting edge science. RSRF has earned a four star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s premier independent charity evaluator. The four stars is the highest category of performance

Together, let's help the thousands of undeserving girls who face the battle of Rett Syndrome everyday, have a better life. Hope to see you there.

May God's "Grace" be in your heart.
-Tara & David Reddington,
parents of Grace (RTT), 2 yrs.

Visit : for more information on Rett Syndrome and for the Strollathon

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